Educational work of our school

Educational work of our school

With the constant care of the Honorable President, in the secondary vocational school, all the necessary conditions have been created to ensure science and education of young people in accordance with the requirements of the time.

The secondary vocational school is responsible for the construction, operation and development of high-performance modern equipment from the world famous agricultural machinery manufacturers CASE, JOHN DEERE, KOMATSU, CATTERPILLER and CLAAS. High results in general and practical classes with students greatly help students to fully assimilate the curriculum.

The school's computer labs are now connected to a networked system where subtotals and vocational exams during billing season are conducted electronically. There is also a permanent distance learning program with our school and higher and secondary vocational schools in our country. The book fund of the school has 27,750 books, of which 22,629 are ready-made textbooks, 4,625 active textbooks, 140 textbooks, 336 books on political topics, of which 20 are fiction and 172 are textbooks prepared by the teachers of our school. A rich library fund allows students to get acquainted with new technologies, innovations in science and technology.

The school uses new modern teaching and learning methods using projectors connected to a computer system, general and practical classes in all disciplines. This method helps the teacher organize the lesson using a digital system in an interesting and effective way, use it economically and efficiently during the lesson, deepen the student's knowledge of the topic, and make a complete record.

In addition to basic education, short-term courses in English, Russian and computer literacy that have been opened at our school are regularly held with students and teachers of our school. Russian, English is taught to students taking into account their professional qualities.

We are proud that the students of our school regularly take part in state-level Olympiads and win prizes. They annually win prizes in the State Olympiads and Internet contests of secondary vocational educational institutions of Turkmenistan.

According to the results of the competition between secondary vocational schools in the 2020-2021 academic year, the students of our school took I, II places in the subject of modern computer technologies, I, II places in the subject of foundations of agronomy, III place in mathematics, III place in the subject of the legislation of Turkmenistan managed to take 3rd place in the subject of the foundations of public life in Turkmenistan. They also won I and II degree diplomas in group competitions as winners of the State competition of the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan.