The head of the school's production practice of the Turkmen Agricultural Institute Dashoguz agro-industrial secondary vocational school
Dovran Alavov

"Our patriotic, broad-minded, humane, hard-working, purposeful, high-spirited happy generation must dedicate all their talents to the prosperity of our dear Motherland," said the President. creates every opportunity for them to reveal their talents. That is why the young people of the country, who have all the opportunities to study, work and create, have successful goals and great creative pursuits. We, the youth, will work tirelessly to develop the education, science, health, sports and archival systems in Turkmenistan, to implement the action plan based on the President's program for the socio-economic development of the country for 2019-2025. The fact that our hero Arkadag is confident that the young generation will take the future of our country to the next generation and create broad conditions for us is a sign of the triumphant policy of our national leader.