a student of Information Systems
Maya Bekdurdyyeva

I am very proud to have had the privilege of being a student thanks to our Honorable Friend in the prosperous period of the sovereign state. I study in my chosen field of Information Systems. The wonderful words of well-known British Politician U. Churchill, "Whoever captures information - captures the world" prompted me to choose the profession of Information Systems. In my chosen profession, we learn more about the computer world and the internet. Our teachers closely assist us in the study of information without sacrificing their energy. In my free time, I am interested in sports, reading fiction, and music. The book "The Principle of Turkmen Statehood" by our esteemed friend from fiction is very interesting to me. I am more interested in the sport of volleyball. The poems of the poet G. Ezizov from fiction are very interesting to me. I especially like the songs composed to his poems. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our Honorable President, who first created such a wonderful time by expressing my heartfelt pride, to our teachers who teach us what they know without laziness day and night. I am very proud to have had the happiness of expressing the heartfelt pride of this student hood that will remain in my heart forever.