a student of economics and planning
Guljahan Akyyewa

I am very proud to have been fortunate enough to be a student in the wonderful time given by our Honorable Arkadag. Today, thanks to our Honorable Arkadag, my fatherland is making rapid progress in economic development. I consider it a great pleasure to be able to contribute to those developments in my chosen field. I understand that he needs to get a perfect education. Experienced teachers at our school provide their own appropriate educational upbringing in order to acquire and impart such knowledge. There are moments in a person, especially in a student, that are, moments when we read our studies on our own, where we do not understand in our own field. Even at such times, our teachers do not spare their help, except during school hours. In my spare time, I go to the provincial libraries, to the libraries of our school, interested in fiction. Reading works of art further enhances my outlook. It is a great pleasure to be a student of such a wonderful time and of experienced teachers. Therefore, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to our Honorable Arkadag for creating such a wonderful time.